The FoldAR product line-up is often described as filling a “niche” within the AR market; but it’s much more than that. In reality, FoldAR is an evolutionary replacement of the successful 70-year-old platform created by Stoner.

          Our patented hinge located at the barrel-breach interface of the upper receiver allows the FoldAR product line to stow like no other firearm. Able to remain fully assembled in its most compact form – and limited in compactness only by the length of its barrel - FoldAR has established its place as the ultimate concealable AR weapon system. With our Lifetime Warranty and Accuracy Guarantee, FoldAR has evolved the AR platform in ways never before possible.

          FoldAR is a Veteran owned and operated firearms manufacturer located in Texas, where we design and produce all components unique to the one-and-only folding barrel AR weapon system.

FoldAR Rifle UnFolded Silhouette Lever Side

FoldAR Pistol 9in UnFolded Silhouette Lever Side

Double FoldAR Folded Silhouette Side